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Baby Related Products You Should Keep Buying For Yourself

When in need for a specific beauty product for yourself, you probably don’t run to the baby section, do you? But maybe you should? Maybe you already have a stash of baby products on the bottom shelf known for housing all the misfits, because your baby was suddenly potty trained and no longer needed that diaper cream you only used half of. And on the shelf it went to never be seen again. Wait, one thing we love at Elbmama is buying new beauty products, but the thing we love the most is to make sure nothing goes to waste. We made a list of our favorite things we bought during the baby years, but had absolutely no reason to stop using even though junior no longer needed it.


Dr. Bronner’s Baby-Mild BIO MAGIC BALM

It’s bio and with natural ingredients only. What you want for your baby, but for your own skin too. This is an all purpose balm that actually doesn’t sell itself as a baby product, but more like a “good enough to use on a baby”-product, which is a bit ironic, because all beauty products should be safe enough for babies, if you ask me. The packaging is very cute and handy to have in a bag, so instead of packing a thousand different products, you actually only need this one balm for lips, hands, highlighter and a diaper change. Less is more!

Dr. Bronner's Bio Magic Balm

Photo Elbmama


Kiehl’s Nurturing Baby Cream for face & body

This cream from Kiehl’s baby line is very soft and rich. It’s without perfume, but has a light smell of apricot (from the apricot seed oil). If you don’t need it for dry baby skin, this one makes a perfect hand cream in the colder seasons.

Kiehl's nurturing baby cream

Photo Elbmama


Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream

Yes, this one is for sore nipples and it is very helpful. But did you know it’s also a perfect lip balm? Not one of the fancy ones I know, but if you have a leftover nipple cream laying around somewhere, it definitely deserves a second chance or maybe even a rebuy. What I especially like about this for your lips is that it has no harmful ingredients which means you can literally eat it (don’t do that, but technically you can) and that makes it a perfect toddler lip treatment too.


Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil

This oil is full of good things like Jojoba oil, Almond oil and Vitamin E. Things that will help you soften your stretch marks, but in general just good for your skin everywhere. Stretch marks or no stretch marks, it’s actually irrelevant when it comes to this body oil, don’t be fooled by the title – use it even without a baby in your belly.

Weleda Schwangerschaftspflegeöl

Photo Elbmama

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