Lisa O. Talks About Motherhood and Sexuality

Hi Lisa. Can you introduce yourself?

Moin moin, good day and how the devil are you? I’m Mrs Lisa O.: woman, wife, daughter, sister, friend, mother of two and author / entrepreneur (in no particular order!). When I’m not taming my little dragons I drink freshly brewed coffee and write short erotic stories, blog posts about sexy things and generate content for people interested in finding out more about their sexuality and all the wonderful possibilities they may not have discovered yet. If you saw me on the street, you’d never guess (I don’t normally wear latex and leather out and about). But ask me about sex and brace yourself to enter my weird and wonderful brain just buzzing with stories and conversations.

How and why did you end up in Hamburg?

We’ve lived in Hamburg (my husband’s hometown) for two years now. Having grown up in Portugal, Hamburg is a bit like back to the roots for me. I like the mentality, the atmosphere and all it has to offer. We moved here following the death of a family member so not really the best circumstances but hands down one of the best decisions. Sometimes life decides things for you and we’re happy we went along with it!

What was it like for you to become a mom?

Since I can remember, I wanted to be a mum. Unfortunately it had a rocky start. We found out that our first child was having complications in utero quite early on and I believe I became a mum right there, in front of the ultrasound. What was it like? Terrifying, thrilling, intoxicating, paralyzing. Motherhood is a pretty crazy mix of all the emotions a human can possibly have! But I don’t regret a single day, worry, smile, hug or decision since! Considering I’m not a rollercoaster fan, this is the most intense ride I’ve ever been on!

How did becoming a mom change you?

I can honestly say I’ve never felt more like me than since I’ve become a mum. I am stronger, more resilient, my patience stakes have upped considerably, my capability of loving has doubled! Where I previously thought nothing could shake me I have since learnt that having kids brings earthquakes to your every day; some smaller some bigger. And where in the past my stress levels would never have coped, I now have supernatural powers in comparison. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not always the happy, smily, patient mum bubbling with toxic positivity. Oh no no no. My kids bring out the worst in me! But I’m a hands-on mum, I do my best and I admire my kids for their empathy, intellect and strength already!

Why do you write erotic short stories?

Why not? I have always had a passion for literature and writing. My career has been expansive thus far (I’ve done everything from B2B sales manager to life-size bunny rabbit at a fair). However, my favorite job was working in a sex toy boutique that proudly offered an assortment ranging from butt plugs and toys to high-fashion clothing in lace, rubber and leather. It was there that I experienced the most riveting conversations and encounters with people who were in the BDSM scene or very open talking about their sexuality. A few years later I picked up on my writing again and thought that these stories need to be heard. Add two kids to the mix and I realized how particularly mums don’t always have time for long novels (it normally takes forever until it gets to the saucy scene) and so I decided the world needs more short erotic stories. Short, compact pleasure starters!

Where do you find inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from wide and far including the kooky, kinky, nerdy, bizarre, dark, sometimes sad and ideally extremely realistic realms. I’m not a fan of cliché porn bodies, sounds or actions. I like when it drips, wobbles, giggles and in general shows what it’s really like having sex (including the awkward walk to the bathroom after). Hence, my inspiration comes from personal experiences, stories from others, social media, TV, books (I’m an absolute bookworm) and in general situations and connections where I personally feel stimulated or aroused. This can be a person I see on the street that I find aesthetically pleasing, an encounter in a supermarket that causes my mind to wander… you get the gist of it. Creating these stories is mental foreplay.

Do you ever find being a mom conflicts with feeling sexy or erotic? 

Being a mum has made me more confident than ever in accepting my body (I put on a substantial amount of weight in the pregnancies, which I embraced at the time and lost later). Life is really, truly too short to worry so much. But it’s a double edged sword. Where becoming a mum has made me feel sexy and body positive, it also drains me entirely! My libido suffers regularly as being a mum sucks all the energy out of me. So, yes, I normally feel super sexy and in those quiet five minutes where I hide in the bathroom and scoff chocolate I look in the mirror and think „Wow, you’re looking like a minx today“. But then there’s four hands grabbing me 24/7 meaning when my husband approaches I just want to curl into a ball and sleep. But there’s a lot that can be done in this area and I feel regular breaks to check in with yourself and your body are essential to keeping your libido alive. Time for yourself (I mean a quick rub) with a short erotic story, for example!

When and how can I read your stories?

There are quite a few stories online on my webpage already Additionally, there are audio snippets and visual excerpts on my Instagram pages. If you sign up for the newsletter you’ll get a message each time there are new blog posts, stories or at the end of this year: my naughty, long-awaited book!

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