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The Best Face Oils For Colder Weather

Maybe face oils scare you a bit because “oil” sounds greasy or pore-clogging. Fact is, oils can be can be, but not all are and the ones made for your face will more likely give you a glow than a pimple. Face oils have so many benefits even for oily or acne prone skin. One of the obvious benefits is of course hydration, which your skin probably needs more of now, when the cold wind starts hitting your face. Here’s a list of 4 of the most effective ones.


NKM Intensive oil

Nature’s little helper

The perfect mix of oils from nature, all carefully chosen to address problem skin. Rosehip oil, rasberry seed oil and safflower oil are some of them. None pore-clogging, rich in vitamin c, vitamin a, and protective antioxidants. A good choice for acne prone skin because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Intensive oil, NKM Atelier


Honest beauty oil

The Clean Beauty Hydrator

You want clean beauty without unnecessary chemistry? and you want to wake up with hydrated and soft skin? Easy! Actor-turned-brand founder Jessica Alba made it her goal to create a brand with a sustainable and honest approach to beauty. Apply this non-clogging hydration oil in the evening and you will wake up with soft skin smelling like you woke up in a spa.

Beauty Facial Oil, Honest Beauty


The Ferrari of Face Oils

Leipzig University Professor Augustinus Bader is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of stem cells and biomedicine. He definitely knows what he’s doing and you will never go wrong with this one. The philosophy of Augustinus Bader is to influence the skin’s natural self healing powers, with vitamins and the patented TFC8®-Technology (don’t ask me, ask google). The oil is fast absorbing, promotes healthy glowing skin and reduces fine lines.

The Face Oil with TFC8, Augustinus Bader


Drunk elephant virgin marula oil

The Antioxidant Booster

Don’t be fooled by the name Drunk Elephant, this brand has no toxins, quite the opposite. If you are into clean beauty, this one should be added to your go-to options in skin care. The Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil reduces signs of aging and protects your skin against pollution. It’s high in critical antioxidants (vitamin E and flavinoids amongst them) and rich in omegas 6 and 9, helping to moisturize, rejuvenate and nourish skin while restoring a youthful glow.

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, Drunk Elephant

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