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Mum’s Night Out – Das Standard St. Pauli

I bet you haven’t been out in a while (not judging). Perhaps you want to plan something, but have no clue of where to go because, well, you haven’t been out in a while. We are here to help you find the perfect spot for a night out with your girls or partner in Hamburg. Not only do you need the bars and the restaurants, they need you too after a year and a half in lockdown. See going out as a mutually beneficial charity project.

Das Standard Große Freiheit


Das Standard

Große Freiheit 90, 22767 Hamburg

Das Standard in St. Pauli has its own bar where you can sit down, order a drink and automatically be served small Stuzzichini throughout your evening. What’s that? They are small vegetarian dishes made with seasonal ingredients from local farms. The concept is inspired by the Italian aperitivo culture. This takes a (small) decision off your shoulders. You don’t need to choose anything to eat with your cocktail. Instead, they will just serve you. The waiters are forthcoming in helping you pick out a drink of your liking if you want to try something new (or aren’t inspired after such a long time). The interior has a strong Scandinavian vibe that feels relaxed and casual, but still stylish (incase you’re wondering what to wear).

The bar is located on Große Freiheit, a side street to the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. There really is nowhere else in Hamburg where the concentration of bars and nightclubs is higher. It’s rather appealing sometimes to be in the center of it all. Where normally a Saturday night is spent sat at home watching television with the kids fast asleep in the room next to you, remind yourself that there are people outside having a good time. Perhaps this is the boost you need to go join them! Word of warning: don’t go to Das Standard if you are looking for a quiet dinner evening. It has a good energy and is perfect for a girl’s night out. Groovy vibes and cocktails are the highest priority. Another small tip: perhaps have a bite to eat with the family before you leave if you haven’t been out in a while. The Stuzzichini might not be enough to set a base for a long evening with alcohol.

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