Editor’s Letter: How It All Began

Dear reader

I am very happy that you landed here on my page. My name is Kajsa and I am 32 years old. I grew up in Copenhagen where I lived the majority of my life. In 2016 I moved to beautiful Hamburg with my husband and my then 6 months old daughter. We live in Hamburg-Neustadt near the harbor, now a family of 4.

Elbmama has been a growing idea of mine throughout my 4 years in Hamburg and I am so exited to finally launch this baby! I created Elbmama as a channel/outlet for me to practice and improve my skills in communication and photography. I have a BA in Design & Business and a MA in Design Studies and before I became a mom my creative side was a huge part of my identity, as well as my interest in fashion and design. I felt this part of me slowly vanished with the extra work that came with becoming a mom and being new i a foreign country. I found it extremely difficult to keep up with my old hobbies and skills. Most of the time – if not all of the time – I was just a mommy. But after my kids got a bit older – they are now almost 5 and 20 months – I realized that it was only just a phase and my preferences and interests hasn’t changed a bit, only my priorities.



Becoming a mom changes a woman forever, but she is only a new version of who she was before.  Through mom-communities in Hamburg I met a variety of moms, who all inspired me in so many ways. Because they managed to do things I couldn’t do, had a career, because they went through the same struggles as I did or simply because they had an interesting story to tell. I found out that no matter how different our backgrounds were, we could always find common ground in being mothers. Nothing brings women together like motherhood.

With Elbmama I want to share stories of motherhood. So moms in Hamburg and the rest of the world feel less alone. It is easy to doubt the choices you make in motherhood, especially I you think you are alone with your struggles. But you are not. Even though motherhood most of the time is ugly, unwashed hair, no manicures, jeans you haven’t been able to fit in decades and dry porridge on your favorite silk blouse, we still want and dream about nice things. I don’t want to compromise my interest in beauty and fashion, just because this site is about motherhood. So Elbmama is presenting a combination of the honest reality added a bit of luxury, glam and sneak peeks into the closets and beauty cabinets of inspiring beautiful mamas with great taste. A beauty recommendation or a go to fashion tip from one tired mom to another is always the most trustworthy one!

Yours truly,


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